By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/14/08
As Jesus stopped to rest a spell,
A woman came to Jacob’s well.
It was at the midst of day,
While others had gone on their way.
He asked her for a simple task.
She thought it odd that He would ask.
For Jews would never ask this deed.
They had no time for a half-breed.
When the twelve came on the scene,
They wondered at what they had seen.
When Jesus healed this woman’s heart,
With joy filled soul she did depart.
To the men she gave a call.
“Come meet a man who told me all.”
When they heard Him, they said, “Now we’ve
Heard Him ourselves and do believe.”
“Say not four months till harvest time.”
“Lift up your eyes the grain is prime.”
Do not judge the outer skin,
For Jesus knows what dwells within.