Psalm 130:1-6  By Rev. Dean Beaty


“Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee.”

I called as one lost in the depths of the sea.

As Jonah, I was lost beyond degree.

Thy billows and Thy waves passed over me”*


“If Thou marked iniquity, who Lord, shall stand?”

Surely from Thy presence I would be banned.

For I had failed what Thy law doth demand,

And sinking in sin as one in quick sand.


But there’s mercy with God and this is the key.

Thy word declares, “There is forgiveness with Thee.”

My only hope to be pardoned and free.

There’s no other way, thus this is my plea.


This is God’s word, “And in His word do I hope.”

Or else I am lost and in darkness I grope.

There’s no other way for the sinner to cope.

Drowning in sin, God’s word threw me a rope.


And now, “My soul waiteth for the Lord.”

Drawn to the Savior with love’s strong cord.

Forever with God, now I am restored.

Awaiting Christ coming, life’s final reward.