By Rev. Dean Beaty  10/6/02
What is the purpose Iím here on this earth?
How shall I use this great gift of new birth?
Help me Lord to find and Thy will to pursue.
To Thee all my life and my talents are due.
Show me the place of my service for Thee.
May all my purpose with Thy will agree.
Living my life for Thy glory above.
Showing to others the gift of Godís love
Help me to live with the future in view.
Knowing that you will reward all that I do.
Serving Thee only, no matter the cost.
While counting the things of this world as loss.
There is a purpose for all of  His own.
Search the word daily, till that purpose is known.
Filled with His Spirit with power from on high,
The strength for our service, the Lord will supply.