By  Dean  Beaty  4/9/06


There is a tree thatís waiting, a place called Calvary.

A place where Jesus suffered in shame and agony.

There He shed His blood, redemptions price to pay.

By this He is the Savior.  There is no other way.


There is a tomb thatís waiting, Ďtwas borrowed from a friend.

His disciples hid in fear.  They thought it was the end.

The end was no where near, for victory lay ahead.

The grave could no more hold Him.  He rose up from the dead.


There is a crown thatís waiting, for Godís own precious Lamb.

For He alone is worthy.  He is the Great I AM.

No other one deserves the honor He has won.

He is the great redeemer, Godís only begotten Son.


There is a King thatís waiting to catch His bride away.

That time is fast approaching, it could be yet today.

Then every knee shall bow to worship Christ the King.

No other one is worthy of the worship that we bring.


There is a question waiting, that of your soulís great need.

He calls you to repentance.  This message you must heed.

By faith you must accept Him.  Our works can not atone.

His blood alone can save you, by grace through faith alone.