By Rev. Dean Beaty  7/20/03
If I had just thirty days,
To speak for God or sing His praise,
And this I knew without a doubt.
Would it turn my life about?
Would it change the plans I’ve made,
Like making sure my tithe is paid?
For sure I’d be in church next week.
No more playing hide and seek.
Would I spend more time with Thee,
Instead of watching my T.V.?
How would I use the gifts I’m given,
If in thirty days I entered heaven.
Would I take a final fling,
If thirty days I’d meet the King?
Or do some things I’ve never done,
Live it up and have some fun?
I’ll not worry or have these fears,
There’s no doubt I’ll live for years.
“Be wise” and live so there’s no sorrow.
“Boast not thyself of life tomorrow.”
“So teach us Lord to number our days,”
That we may apply our hearts to praise.
And may each battle, Lord, be won,
That we may hear Thee say, “Well done.”