From her adoring husband  Dean   11/24/06


How am I to tell you of all you mean to me?

The height and breadth and depth or measure of degree.

Would it be sufficient to say you are my life.

Alone you bring me joy, my beloved cherished wife.


There would be no meaning to life without you dear.

For life would cease to be, without you ever near.

What reason would I wake without you by my side?

This truth has only grown since you became my bride.


Every waking moment may not prove this true.

But far beyond all else, the most I love is you.

Time has only strengthened the bonds that bind us tight.

The love that you have given has been my great delight.


These words cannot express the joy that fills my heart,

To know that you are mine and we will never part.

Recall I promised this so many years ago

So put your mind at ease, our love will only grow.