On Our 41st  Anniversary

By Dean Beaty  8/13/05


Some things seem so changeless,

Still the same as time goes by.

The mountains and the heavens

And the stars that fill the sky.

Does that mean that they are faithful,

Just because they are the same?

Perhaps their constant standing,

Is their only claim to fame.


I know the bible warns us,

To beware of those who change.

But within me there’s one portion

Which I often rearrange.

It’s the heart of my emotions.

It’s the love I have for you.

For it changes nearly daily,

Yet it’s still the same and true.


For most things, they diminish ,

With the passing of each year.

But not the love I give you,

Oh, of that. you have no fear.

For each day brings new awareness

Of God’s purpose and design.

For I know His hand was guiding

On the day He made you mine.