By Dean Beaty


Dear  Gladys:

The time to speak of love and care is not that far away.

So hereís a note thatís just for you to read on Valentinesí Day.

But I need no special day to say that I love you.

For every day is special dear, to share our love anew.


If death should come to step between and separate our heart.

Then we will wait till heaven begins and there our love restart.

I miss you so when weíre apart and long for our return.

Itís been that way for forty years, because for you I yearn.


The years, since we declared our love, continue on to mount.

But my love for you still grows with each one that I count.

What joy to have a love so true.  I hope you see it grow.

For Iíve been blessed these forty years, your love and care to know.