By Rev. Dean  Beaty  3/3/08
The Word of God is true.  Itís full of good advice.
What Jesus said Ďbout money, on this we should think twice.
It has a vital purpose.  But keep it in its place.
Wealth can be a part of life.  But make it not the chase.
If money is the goal, held tightly in our grasp.
It will turn and bite you, just like a cornered asp.
Keeping oneís lute safe, can be a daunting task.
The next guy at your door may also wear a mask.
Where one keeps his treasure, there is his heart also.
If heavens not its home, then it is lost you know.
And then there is tomorrow, we know not whatís ahead.
One day we are healthy.  The next day we are dead.
So choose its place with wisdom, somewhere beyond your foes.
What lays beyond tomorrow, for sure nobody knows.
Hear Godís words with wisdom.  Two masters you canít serve.
Use it for the Savior.  Who else could more deserve?