By   Papaw  11/24/06


You are our first grandson, who now is ten years old.

Ten years in the future, how will life unfold?

Twice the age that you are now, a young man you will be.

And what you are and learn today will last eternally.


You are very quick to learn in math you sure excel.

Bible verses that you learn can fear and doubt dispel.

So put your mind to learning and all things you can reach.

And someday as a father, your own son you will teach.


It won’t be long, just wait and see, ten years go by fast.

Not every thing has value, not every thing will last.

Ask yourself this question. When ten years have gone by,

Will the things I choose today, matter when I die?


Choose wisely what you see and also what you read.

What you put into your mind, these things your actions lead.

So guard your mind and body and watch what enters in.

These will lead to Godliness or they will lead to sin.