By Papaw Dean Beaty  11/23/2002


Some might chose a teddy bear to hug and take along.

But Tyler likes the Doo Bee Bears and their doo bee song.

For a month before Saint Nick and thirty days past that.

He watches as they sing their songs and as they tip their hat.


But not content to sit and watch this multi-talent throng.

He joins right in with “doo bee doo” and helps them sing along.

Such devotion for their act is hard to find these days.

Some had thought his love would pass, “It’s only just a phase.”


But it is more than fantasy and please don’t think it queer.

You never know how things turn out.  It might be a career.

I see it now, as plain as day.  Can’t you see it too?

In Broadway lights, his names shines forth: “TYLER DOO BEE DOO”


He stands on stage with cane in hand and hat held over head.

All the girls will scream and cry and faint as if they’re dead.

A great idea just came my way.  My future is secure.

I’ll help promote this teenage craze.  I’ll be his manager.


We’ll tour the land from east to west.  In every town we’ll stop.

The Doo Bee Craze will pay the bills.  It’s better than Hip Hop.

So sing your song with all your might.  “Doo Bee Doo Doo Wah.”

No one likes it more than me, cause I’m your own Pa Paw.