Ephesians 5:11

By Rev. Dean Beaty   4/11/08


There is a warning in God’s Word that everyone should know.

“Unfruitful works of darkness,” and how God hates it so.

The fact that they’re “unfruitful,” means they have no worth.

Our involvement with such things should be the last thing on this earth.


Many worldly items would fit within this phrase.

Even those within the church, some think will bring God praise.

The one for this discussion the one that makes me sick,

Is the mix of world and the church and calling it music?


Contemporary Christian music, like an oil and water blend,

They do not mix together to bring a proper end.

We are told, “Forsake the world!”  Not bring it in the church.

Read God’s teaching on this truth.   Do some deep research.


If we sound like Satan sounds, how will the truth be known?

Be careful how you look and sound and test the seed that’s sown.

Just because it has the name of Jesus here and there,

Does not mean it honors Him, so Christian please beware.


“Come out from among them,” is what the Lord has said.

If we lie down with the world, we’ll rise up smelling dead.

So “Keep yourself unspotted,”  ‘tis a warning we must heed.

Whether it is in our songs, our actions or our deed.