By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/2/08


The unmitigated gall of man to say that God is dead.

They refused to hear Him or read what He has said.

Can you imagine finite man declaring this great thing.

They speak such foolish gibberish. ďWe started with a bang


Now thatís the depths of foolishness to which mankind can sink.

To speak of things they do not know, seeking the missing link.

Oh foolish man how far youíve come from knowing the true God.

To worship beasts and crawling things and idols made of sod.


You raise your fists and shake them at the sky above.

Not seeing all around you the proof of Godís great love.

You speak of your great wisdom, our mouths, they fall agape.

Then you say with heads held high, ďMy parent was an ape


When will you learn manís wisdom is foolishness with God.

To Him your brains capacity is smaller than a cod.

At least he swims in schools, all this God has inbred.

Heís not as dumb as you are to think that God is dead.