By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/30/03
There’s nothing that would please me more,
Than when I enter heaven’s door.
To know, the race of life I’ve won,
And hear the Savior say, “Well done.”
For life is more than total wealth,
Or if I’m fit and have good health.
We all must face the setting sun.
So live to hear Him say, “Well done.”
There’s so much more that waits for me,
While with the Lord eternally.
A billion years?  It’s just begun!
So strive to hear Him say, “Well done.”
What is the goal you’ve set to reach?
The message that your life will preach.
What crowns will lay before the Son?
And will you hear Him say, “Well done.”
There is a cross that we must bare,
If e’er the victor’s crown we wear.
There is a race that we must run,
If we would hear Him say, “Well done.”
There are no others in your race.
It’s up to you to set the pace.
It’s when you finish this race of one.
That you will hear Him say, “Well done.”
There’s but one purpose on this earth,
For those who’ve found in Christ new birth.
All other aspirations shun.
To hear Him say, “My son, well done.”