By Rev. Dean  Beaty  3/26/06
What in this world do I fear the most?
I fear to displease the great Lord of Hosts.
That when I am tempted, in sin I might fall.
Not putting God first.  Not giving my all.
When He has given His all for me,
His beloved Son on the old rugged tree,
That I would withhold my all from Him.
This I fear would be a terrible sin.
Death is no longer that which I fear.
In that dire shadow the Lord is still near.
The floods of trials will not overflow.
For in the furnace, the Savior will go.
Some fear the unknown being filled with dread.
God knows no unknown, He sees whatís ahead.
Our futureís secure, were held in His hand.
That which God holds cannot help but stand.
Since I am precious in the sight of the Lord,
It gives me great peace to know Iím adored.
What in this life should cause me to fear?
When I have a friend and Savior so dear.