By  Dean  Beaty  12/15/07
Just what does Christmas mean to you?
Trees and lights and gifts to undo.
Family and friends not seen in awhile.
Or shepherds and angels and the Christ child?
Some things are nice, some things are best.
Some things stand out above the rest.
The cradle and the manger stall,
To me these are the best of all.
But don’t forget just why He came.
It wasn’t for the world’s acclaim.
He came to show His love and care.
And on the cross our sins to bear.
For sin He made the sacrifice.
With His blood the only price.
This is why He came to earth.
Why we recall His humble birth.
Do not let gifts get in the way.
When we celebrate Christmas day.
For He’s the greatest gift to men.
From God’s hand and coming again.