By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/12/06
The things that I do and the things that I say.
Do they point others in the very same way?
Is there a chance that the things that I do,
Are not always right, are not always true?
I would not dare tell a young child to steal,
Yet that which is Godís, do I use as I feel?
Never would I use my Lordís name in vain.
But how about my life, could it be profane?
The Lordís day has come but what do I choose?
Not much else in life is more often abused.
Do I choose pleasure, when Godís people meet?
Can God count on me, to be in my seat?
Sometimes thereís more of what I say than I do?
This does not lead men to a heart that is true.
Please help me dear Lord, to do as I preach,
So others will hear the truth that I teach.