I Corinthians 2:9  By Dean Beaty  3/12/08


Our weak eyes have never seen, nor ears have ever heard.

This is the blessed promise we have from Godís own word.

Neither has it entered into the heart of man.

Itís speaking of our future according to Godís plan.


Why fret about the future?  God has it in His hand.

Truly it will all turn out just the way God planned.

The problem is weíre finite.  We only see what is.

But our God is infinite.  The future is all His.


Yet we can get a picture of that which lies ahead.

And that is why I live content, without fear or dread.

Just read it from the Bible.  Godís Word is worth your trust.

Itís speaks of resurrection, if we decay to dust.


The trumpet of the Lord shall sound.  We shall live again.

 If you have asked the Savior to cleanse your heart from sin?

Our future is amazing with Jesus Christ our Lord.

We have it as His promise.  Itís written in Godís Word.