By  Dean Beaty  10/08/02
Are the things for which you’re thankful, centered in the Lord?
Do you look for strength and guidance, found within His word?
Can you see that all life’s blessings come from God alone?
Then with truly thankful hearts we come before His throne.
Can we count His grace and mercies given us each day?
Or the love that God has given, that won’t pass away.
Add to that, we’re held securely, safe within His hand.
Then with joy we’re truly thankful, just as God has planned.
Have you read of heaven’s beauty?  Gone all tears and pain.
There no sin or evil enters, righteousness will reign.
Glad reunion with our loved ones, never more to part.
How could we do something less, than have a thankful heart?
But if the things of earth so temporal, gladden you today.
You can not be truly thankful, for they pass away.
We must choose what is important for eternity.
Thanksgiving then will be eternal, when the Lord we see.