By  Dean Beaty   3/6/08


Pilate was faced with a problem.  No fault in the Lord could he find.

He gave them the choice of Barabbas.  Quickly they made up their mind.

They shouted out, “Give us Barabbas.”  Their hatred was filled to the brim.

They did not want Jesus just beaten.  “Away with Him, crucify Him.”


“What shall I do then with Jesus,” asked Pilate in shifting the blame?

This is the most urgent question.  It comes to each man just the same.

You cannot ignore this great question.  For there is a choice you must make.

What shall I do then with Jesus?  Eternity here is at stake.


Christ died on the cross for your sin, to reconcile God with mankind.

He paid the great price of redemption.  No greater love gift will you find.

Christ is the lamb that was slain.  His blood cleanses us from all stain.

What will you do then with Jesus?  For you, did He suffer in vain?