By Rev Dean Beaty  9/20/06
What will it be like to stand before Thee,
In worship and praise for eternity?
There in Thy presence at last and for sure,
Beholding Thy face, in Thy light so pure.
All that which was faith, now reality
Thy hands and feet, the scars I will see.
The price that was paid, redemption to win,
There in Thy presence, washed thoroughly from sin.
Our eyes filled with tears that you’ll wipe away,
As joy fills our hearts in that crowning day.
This is familiar to angels on high,
But wonder to me as then I draw nigh.
What will it be like when Thy face I see?
Knowing the love that Thou gave full to me.
While yet in my sin you die in my place.
You gave me your love, free mercy and grace.
What will it be like to see Thee at last?
For over my eyes a veil Thou hast cast.
But then in full view my Savior I see.
What a day of rejoicing that blessed day will be.