By Rev. Dean  Beaty  4/1/06
What is the source of your peace and your rest?
Is it because, with great wealth you are blest?
It’s true that wealth makes some feel secure.
But remember that wealth will not always endure.
Some look to others and count upon them.
But that too is flawed as one’s stratagem.
For all men are mortals and will pass away.
We’re all only dust, with feet made of clay.
Some look to government and trust from their hand,
To receive what is due to help them to stand.
But governments are men and fatally flawed.
It’s often no better than out and out fraud.
So where can one turn for peace that is sure?
Peace that once promised, will ever endure.
It has to be given from beyond this earth,
If it is to last, having any real worth.
“My peace I give unto you.”  Comes from the Lord.
It’s promised is given to us in His word.
“Let not your heart be troubled…believe in me.”
This true source of peace lasts eternally.