WHATíS   IN   A   NAME  

By  Dean Beaty  2/18/06

(for Ann Marieís new baby girl)


The word is out, but itís nothing new.

I hear they call her,  Sally Sue.

With four brothers that run about,

Sheíll be spoiled without a doubt.


Her nameís not really Sally Sue.

A name like that would never do.

It doesnít rhyme with Miss. Moroney

Like Bony Moroney or even Toni.


Thatís why Iím here to help things out.

Weíll find a name the boys can shout.

How Ďbout Moni, Joni, or Joani.

Those names are good, not oneís a phony


And easier to spell that Johnathon.

Itís like writing a marathon.

Something short with punch and mirth.

Thatís my advise for what itís worth.