Colossians 3:1-2

By  Rev. Dean Beaty   4/15/08


If you would walk in the light of God’s love,

We’re to “Seek those things which are above.”

To know better what I’m speaking of.

 “Set your affections on things above.”


If we are partakers of the new birth,

Don’t set your affections on things of the earth.

The things of this earth will all pass away.

The things of God’s kingdom are here to stay.


The things of this earth, just look if you dare,

They’re getting more vile year after year.

Television, the media, magazines in the store,

Propagating filth, will God stand it much more?


What part does a Christian have to do with this junk?

The odor, to God must stink like a skunk.

“Come out from among them.”  God says it out loud.

 Stand up for righteousness, don’t be like the crowd.