I  Peter 1:12   By Rev. Dean Beaty 12/3/02


Do you think the angels understood the Father’s plan,

As the Son prepared Himself to take the form of man?

He had gone to earth before, but always He returned.

Like when he spoke to Moses from within the bush that burned.


This time it was different as they watched events unfold.

He entered as a baby in a manger dark and cold.

Now thirty years have past, since the message they did bring.

Surely now it’s time for them to rise and crown Him king.


They hear the loud hosanna, from the people as they shout.

The day of coronation now is here without a doubt.

They watched as men threw palms and coats, before Him on the ground.

But now He’s in a garden, where He’s led away and bound.


Can this be the purpose God had planned so long ago?

They looked to God in wonder, for His mind they did not know.

They see no consternation on the face of God above.

Only satisfaction as He speaks of His great love.


“Someone had to bear the sins, that’s why the plan was made.

My son has made the sacrifice, redemption’s price is paid.

He’ll be coming home again, for I am satisfied.”

Once more He sits upon the throne, by the Father’s side.