Judges 6 & 7

By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/17/08


Thou mighty man of valor,” was what the angel said.

But seeing Gideon on that day, he must have been misled.

It wasn’t because of valor that Gideon hid his grain.

He hid it from the Midianites so his work was not in vain.


Midian was Israel’s enemy.  They stole the people’s grain.

Gideon would win in battle though his plan might seem harebrain.

He gathered up his army, thirty-two thousand men.

God said, “That is too many if I am going to win.”


You never have too many when fighting a large foe,

One hundred and thirty-five thousand each one with spear and bow.

God said, “I will be with thee, three hundred, that will do.”

“If I’m to get the glory and win the fight for you.”


Three hundred men with pitchers and lamps all hid inside.

And trumpets at the ready.  But was this suicide?

When they broke the pitchers and blew upon each horn.

“The sword of the Lord,” they shouted and Israel was reborn.


God won for them the victory.  He alone would get the praise.

They lived in peace and plenty for God’s way always pays.

Although they were out numbered, four hundred men to one,

Alone, God is a majority and that is why they won.