By  Rev. Dean  Beaty   3/17/08


When Jesus told the people He would rise up from the dead.

They had not really listened to what the Savior said.

They had not comprehended nor did they really try.

“Why was Jesus saying this?  You’re not going to die,”


“Listen to the multitude.  Hosannas, hear them ring.”

“Today they recognize You as their promised King.”

“Hosanna, Son of David is what the people cry.”

“Put those thoughts behind You, You’ll not have to die.”


They could not see a purpose.  This plan was surely flawed.

They did not truly understand He was THEE LAMB OF GOD.

The lamb was for a sacrifice.  Its blood had to be shed.

Jesus as God’s perfect Lamb would rise up from the dead.


Blood from lambs just covered sin as offered every day.

But Jesus, dying only once, bore all our sins away.

No need to ever offer up another sacrifice.

Jesus’ death completely, has paid the final price.