John 6:67-69   By Rev. Dean Beaty   3/15/08
Some were just there for the loaves and fish.
This was far more than they could wish.
They had seen such a marvelous feat,
All had had more than they could eat.
Being confused by what Jesus taught,
Many of them left, being distraught.
So Jesus asked the twelve on that day.
“Will you also turn back away?”
Peter spoke up, with words apropos.
This he said, “To whom shall we go?”
“Thou hast the words of eternal life.”
Thus with these words he ended the strife.
By what he said next, many were awed.
“Thou art the Christ the Son of God.”
Do you agree with what Peter said?
Believing that Christ is alive from the dead?
Or will you also turn back away?
Forever lost to wander astray.
The Savior calls for followers true.
How will you answer and what will you do?