By Rev. Dean Beaty  3/27/08


Since Christ turns water into wine,

Why do I worry or why whine?

I know Heíll meet my every need.

Beyond my wildest dreams exceed.


This is the problem that I face.

I take my eyes off of His grace.

I focus on what I have not,

Forgetting all that I have got.


My wealth in Christ beyond compare.

And thereís my future with Him there.

When I think of what Iíve lost.

I then reflect on what it cost.


Iíve lost my sin with all itís shame,

By simply calling on His name.

I gained eternal life above.

Made one with God through Jesus love.


Beyond my wildest dreams theirs more.

When I arrive on heavenís shore.

Iíll see my Savior face to face,

And thank Him for His love and grace.