Matthew 7:24-27

By Rev. Dean Beaty   5/1/08


Two men began to build their house.

  They hoped their home would last.

Perhaps they built to please their spouse.

  To protect from winterís blast.


Upon a rock the wise man built.

  He knew the rains would fall.

He did not want his house to tilt.

  When deluged by a squall.


The foolish man didnít plan so well.

  He built upon the sand.

And when the streams began to swell,

  His house just could not stand.


The foolish man had quite a shock.

  His house crumbled away.

The wise man built upon a rock,

  For it was there to stay.


Christ is the rock we build upon,

  Godís own eternal Son.

He paid the price, our sins are gone.

  For us salvationís won.