By Rev. Dean Beaty  4/5/03 



Where is the value of things of this earth,

If Christ had not died to give us new birth?

All things have endings and all things are loss,

If Christ had not died for our sins on the cross.


Without the cross where redemption was made,

All things just die then soon are decayed.

But life is eternal and heaven Iíll see.

The cross made the difference for you and for me.


All of lifeís history revolves Ďround the cross.                      

Without redemption, then all things are loss.

When Jesus died, as He hung on the tree,

He gave my life value for eternity.


Without the cross, we are left as sinís slave

Without the cross, thereís no hope past the grave

Without the cross, life has no direction.

The cross shows Godís love in total perfection.