By Rev. Dean  Beaty  10/23/05
Take my yoke upon you and thereby learn of me.
You cannot wander far from God when in that double-tree.
There is no better choice to make than let Him be your guide.
You’re always in His perfect will when He is by your side.
When yoked up with the Savior, He’s with you through each test.
He knows when you are weary and knows when you need rest.
There’s peace and satisfaction when yoked up with the Lord.
We walk in sweet communion with God in one accord.
All mankind is in a yoke, though they may think they’re free.
And the yoke you choose today will last eternally.
One will lead to heaven’s shore, there with the Savior dwell.
One will drag the sinful soul into the pit of hell.
So choose the yoke that you will wear and choose that yoke with care.
When yoked up with the Savior, your burden He will bare.
“Take my yoke upon you.”  Oh, heed His call today.
When walking close to Jesus, there is no better way.