Personalized Poetry

Our Little Boy Who Does Not Cry

Together Again

Choices for Lydia at Fourteen

Lydia at 10

Lydia at 13

Choices for Lydia at Fourteen

Lydia at 15

Lydia, and Laps of Time


Captain Eric

Carolyn at 38

Christian Charity and the Cottonelle Conspiracy

Don and Lou on Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Eric at Six

Eric at Seven

Two Boys Named Eric

Eric Charles Petterson at Nine

Fortieth Anniversary Dean and Gladys Beaty

To My Forever Sweetheart

Our 43rd Anniversary

My Love, My Wife, My Friend

Still My Only Love After 39 Years

The Best

Gladys, On Your Birthday

To My Beloved Wife Gladys on Her 61st Birthday

My Sweetheart at 62

To My Valentine 2005

To My Sweetheart Valentine's Day 2008

Your Love

What Lies Ahead

Kimberly at 40

Kurt at 40

Kurt at 39

Kurt Petterson


To My Daughter Michelle on Her 40th Birthday

Michelle at 41

Leah Turning 9

Leah at 10

Laura Clay, On Becoming a Doctor of Medicine

My Uncle Matt


Leah Gabrielle at 8

Leah at 11

Like a Rose

Mr. Muller My 5th Grade Teacher

Mr. Muller and the UFO

Tyler and the Doo Bee Bears

Tyler Kingsley at Age 10

My New Thesaurus

Tessa, the Blind Watchdog

What's in a Name